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If you have a rather high rating in PSAT (or the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Qualifying Test), you can have the right to the National Merit Scholarship program. The students who take part in the program won $2,500 for the range. In 2018, more than 8,600 students were selected as the Merit Scholarship Follow these steps to get a national scholarship In order to be eligible to participate in the Merit Scholarships National Program, it is necessary to adopt PSAT/NMSQT in October of your junior year. Your estimate should be within the first 1% of the other senior classes Every year is changed for the top percentile. For the screening assessments in 2019 In September of your senior year, you will find out if you have about 16,000 students who are semifinalists. The semifinalists are invited to apply for participation in the “National Scholarships” program through their higher educational institutions. If you have received an invitation, you will have to apply for a fellowship in early October. The process is no different from applying to college software entry requirements You need to send your academic report, a You should also take SAT and send your points to the fellowship Although the organization does not ask for a particular point, your SAT score should be high enough to support the previous PSAT/NMSQT evaluation. After you submit the application and the additional material, you will have to wait until February to find out if you have done so before the last round. About 15,000 students make it in this round. You will be notified by mail that you have advanced the final round. The director of your school will also receive a notice along with the certificate to present it to you. After that, you will have to wait until May to see if the NMSC chose you as a scholarship recipient. About 8,000 students will receive a grant of $2,500. Finalists and winners are selected on the basis of their academic record, test results, essay application and management. Take a PSAT in your junior year In September of your senior year, find out, you’re a seven-finalist Send an application on early October last year In February of this year, find out, you’re the final leaf. About 15,000 of the 16000 semifinalists do it before this round At the beginning of May, when you learned, you received a scholarship Finalists are automatically considered corporate sponsors. To win this award, students are required to provide information about their parents ‘ employment, their alleged large size and their career plans About 230 companies have awarded 1,000 scholarships. These companies include Macy’s and UPS. Each company has its own set of criteria Finalists who have not won the National Merit Scholarship or Sponsored Scholarship still have the opportunity to get a scholarship from college. Scholarships sponsored by the college usually range from $500 to $2,000. SCHA. To win, students need to mark one of the sponsoring colleges as their first choice college in their application. Even if you are not sure what your choice is, you still have to put one of the sponsors as the first option or add it to the application National Merit Scholarships are very competitive. About 8,000 of the more than 3 million students who take PSAT to win. Another 6,000 students receive special scholarships from companies and colleges You must continue to apply for other scholarships while waiting for you to win the National Scholarship. If you’re a semifinalist, you’re probably a good candidate for other scholarships. Write a strong and unique personal essays Make sure your recommendation expresses your achievements. Sign your recommendation recommendation and approach your achievements. Research sponsors-Include all relevant information in your application Specify the sponsor’s college as the first version of the application Start preparing for PSAT in your year of sophomore in early October of your senior year